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Design & Build

At EcoBuilders.Green, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a complete 'end to end' design and build service that caters to your every need. We take pride in tailoring each project to your specific functional requirements and design preferences, and our team of highly qualified architects, engineers, project managers, and on-site specialists are equipped to handle every step of the build process with confidence and expertise.



Our initial step involves meeting you to discuss your project aspirations and plans. We will evaluate the feasibility of your design, function, planning, and budget. Afterward, we will present you with a fee proposal, and upon confirmation, we will conduct a thorough examination of your property.



Our  team will create a full set of existing and proposed plans, sections, and elevations for your project. These are a detailed set of architectural drawings that can be used for planning purposes and to base your build costs on.



In case your project requires planning permission, our team will present the designs and monitor the progress of your application. If any changes or communication with the local authority are needed, we will handle it without any additional charges.



At this stage, we package detailed technical drawings along with any necessary structural details and calculations for building control approval. Building Regulations ensure structural integrity and thermal efficiency by providing guidelines. We will submit your application for authorization and work with Building Control to make any required changes.



If your property is close to your neighbors and you plan to do construction work, you may need a party wall agreement. We can suggest surveyors who can send the necessary notices after the building control drawings are finished.



To begin with the site, we will create a program of tasks that align with the final design and scope of work. A designated on-site representative will be assigned to you, who will report to your project manager and keep you updated on progress through regular communication and reviews. Our clear valuation methodology reflects our commitment to transparency, ensuring that you are aware of where and how your funds are being utilised.

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We can help you cost your project from start to finish. All quotations are valid for 30 days. 

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